Twelve Tales

I’ve always loved short stories, and I want to get good at writing them.

For some time, I’ve been trying to form a lasting creative writing habit outside of work, so I’ve set myself a challenge.

Starting this July, I will write a short story every month for the next year, and put all twelve on a blog. This blog, to be specific.

This is regular, achievable, and should fit in around work and soon-to-be-upped daddy duties without burning me out.

Rather than just writing whatever I feel like, I asked Katharine – my lovely wife – to come up with twelve one-sentence story prompts, and to put them in order for me.

Katharine’s an eclectic reader. Our tastes in fiction diverge as often as they align, and her prompts will help me get outside my comfort zone. It’ll also give me much-needed motivation: I’ll always have an idea, at least one person waiting to see how it turns out.

I’ll be posting as regularly as I can about how I’m doing – probably about other stuff that interests me, too.

Oh – it’s worth noting that I’m a massive fantasy, sci-fi and horror nerd, and there’s an excellent chance that’ll be reflected in my stories. If that’s not your thing, beware: here be dragons. Probably spaceships, and unspeakable tentacled horrors, too.

Still here? Marvellous.

So – I’ll post the first one at the end of July sometime, and we’ll see how this goes.


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